June 27, 2012

Check out this video that Mike made to explain the Mission: Small Business Grant a bit more and to thank everyone who has already voted. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

We would love to use this grant to expand on the achievements we have already earned here at SJC and to continue living the American dream.  These added finances could help us expand our already global operation even further, we could provide more backline for your favorite artists, provide a richer experience to you the customer and continue to make SJC a pioneering company in the industry.

All you have to do to help the SJC crew is head over to missionsmallbusiness.com and click “login and support,” then search for SJC Custom Drums and click the blue vote button! 

We can’t tell you how much we’ve appreciated your years of support and hopefully, with this grant we can continue to exceed your expectations!